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Webinar: Data Linage Unplugged Tuesday 8th of December 2015

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We are thrilled to be hosting a free joint webinar with our software partners Manta Tools on 8th of December via the Ustream platform. In the 40 minute session you will learn practical approaches and see Manta Tools innovative software in action. The insights provided will help you to accelerate the resolution of complex data lineage problems.


Join us if you have challenges with:

  • providing full end to end data lineage.
  • analysing the impact of change to downstream applications.
  • root-cause analysis.
  • regulatory compliance.



Nigel Higgs – Managing Director of Data to Value – will explain the lean approach to analysing and documenting the data lineage environment.


Petr Stipek – the VP of Business Development for Manta Tools – will explain why ‘custom code’ is at the root of many failures to complete the end to end challenge.

To register for this event please follow the link here.