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Using Graph databases for data lineage

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Graph databases have come of age and are being applied to many use cases outside of traditional requirements now such as infrastructure analysis and social networking.  Optimised for storing relationships between things, or nodes as they are often called, many companies are unaware of the scope to apply this technology to their day to day problems.  Many areas once viewed as very challenging to model using traditional tools such as Data Lineage, Enterprise Architecture and dependency analysis are now much easier to model and analyse. This enables rich reporting for business stakeholders underpinned by robust and empirical analysis.


One area we have had great success is analysing data lineage, particularly within complex Data Warehouse and Data Integration stacks where often the linkages between data sources and dashboard elements / report columns can be buried beneath transformations, mappings and flows. Our software partner Manta Tools (powered by Titan DB) enables users to rapidly understand the relationships hidden in their Oracle, Teradata and Informatica stacks. This saves a great deal of time and cost when maintaining your Data Warehouse and implementing changes or upgrades.


Please do get in touch if you would like to know more about how this latest generation of graph tools can help your organisation.