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Adaptive Metadata Manager


The Adaptive Metadata Manager™ product (V10.0) comprises a number of highly configurable software components that provide an organization with the eight core capabilities required to govern and improve virtually any data-driven business capability. These capabilities are: Data Lineage, Data Quality, Impact Analysis, Business Terminology, Business to Technical Traceability, Version Management, Change Approval Workflow, Stewardship, and Automated Harvesting & Stitching.

Built on a modern web application stack, application modules are accessed via a web browser. End-user capabilities, like business glossary lookups, are also easily integrated into desktop productivity applications (like Microsoft Office and Outlook email client) for ‘in-document’ searching.


Change Approval Workflow, Data Lineage, Data Quality, Glossary, Impact Analysis, Integrations/Adapters, Metadata Inventory, Stitching, User Roles, Version Management


On-premise, Managed Hosting, Private Cloud