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Trade Finance Data Audit for Santander Bank

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Trade Finance is a key focus for financial regulators aiming to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risks. Unlike traditional areas for financial crime prevention such as retail product fraud it is a particularly challenging area for monitoring and enforcement mainly thanks to its bespoke and paper based nature.


Data to Value were engaged by Santander to assess their Trade Finance compliance using the latest Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic search techniques. To do this we used a range of skills and technologies including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), search tools and graph databases. Find out more here.


noun_583173Over 121 million loyal customers

noun_526467Over £1 trillion in assets

black circle with connections coming in and out, big dataOver 193.000 employees worldwide




Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Quality Management, Demographic Profiling, Professional Sport, Santander, Single View of Customer, top