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Single Customer View (SCV) for the AFC Wimbledon

About This Project


AFC Wimbledon have always prided themselves on supporting their most important stakeholders – the fans. Since formation in 2002 the fan-owned club has witnessed a meteoric rise through the football league including five promotions in nine seasons. This success on the pitch has been matched by success off the pitch with regular sell-out crowds and a corresponding rise in supporter numbers.  Using a number of data sources the club communicates and interact with supporters, the local community and other stakeholders via a number of traditional and online channels.


Data to Value were engaged to enhance how the club uses Data to support stakeholders and facilitate strategic objectives such as the bid to return to Plough Lane. Using the latest NoSQL tools Data to Value created a single integrated view of supporters using Demographic and Data Quality Profiling techniques such as matching, standardising and de-duplicating existing data sources. This has enabled the club to gain a deeper understanding of its fanbase using dashboards and other interactive reporting features.





Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Quality Management, Demographic Profiling, Professional Sport, Single View of Customer, top, Wimbledon