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Real Assets Data Strategy – Aquila Capital

About This Project


Established in 2001, Aquila Capital is committed to provide institutional investors worldwide with alternative investment solutions in real assets, financial and private markets. Applying a multi-disciplinary investment approach, Aquila Capital’s range of alternative investments is managed by dedicated specialists in their respective asset classes and underpinned by an infrastructure that combines strong operations, stringent corporate governance and a successful track record.


Aquila Capital engaged Data to Value for strategic advice and support in leveraging best practice tools and techniques within its Real Assets capability. This included enhancements to data sourcing, maintenance, analysis and reporting using new operational databases, analytical tools and Data Warehousing technologies. Key benefits realised included enhanced client experience, reporting and analysis capabilities and other efficiencies.



“Data to Value really helped us understand and leverage the opportunities available from a mix of emerging and proven data techniques and technologies”

Lars Meisinger, Chief Investor Relations Officer


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