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Dawn of the Age of the Data Catalog

Dawn of the Age of the Data Catalog

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After spending many years promoting best practice in data governance it’s clear there has never been a better time to make rapid progress.


Business folks are open to engagement and developing the strategy for data exploitation and management is front and centre of minds.


Features like metadata management, social collaboration, automated data discovery, business glossaries, data lineage, data asset inventories and, not least, machine learning are enabling data governance, regulatory compliance, data analytics and business insight.


Put all these features together and what do you get – the modern data catalogue!



It is so important to have an unbiased view, free from the influence of data catalog vendors, but its so difficult to find that view.



Search for ‘data catalog’ or ‘what is a data catalog’ and ALL the content will come from either the vendors or the research companies with a business model that relies on being in bed with vendors.



Here at Data To Value we are starting the journey to research this field. This will cover a comprehensive register of all the products available, how to select the right tool for your organisation and all the latest developments.



Keep following here to see regular updates on what we are discovering.