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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our corporate website for Data to Value Ltd.an innovative, London-based Data Consultancy. As Founding Partners our drive is to help our clients draw as much value from their data assets as possible.  For some time we have discussed at length how despite tools, approaches and techniques evolving considerably within the Data Management space the same problems that were cropping up 20 years ago still preoccupy many organisation’s data initiatives today. It seems that many firms despite enhancing their tools and approaches forget or continue to struggle with the fundamentals. In certain areas technical advances (such as storage developments and Big Data) have even created new problems.


So how do firms go about tackling the elephant that is the Data Management space? We believe the most feasible approach is to break down your vision into well-defined, achievable and tangible components that all stakeholders can understand. We don’t believe success in Data Management automatically translates into requirements for elaborate, organisation-wide programmes of work. Mature Data Management is as much cultural as it is technological, operational or organisational. We also believe that effective Data Management doesn’t have to cost the earth and great progress can be made as part of Business As Usual.


We hope you enjoy the website. We plan to share our thoughts, insights and musings as much as possible via our Twitter feed, Blogs and White Papers on the website. Please feel free to subscribe to the site for access to exclusive materials and White Papers. Whether you are an organisation struggling within the  Management space or a practitioner please do drop us a line.




James & Nigel


Founding Partners – Data to Value Ltd.