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Connected data in telecoms2

How the Telecoms industry leverage triple-store technologies

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Big thanks to Connected Data meetup group regular Valerio Malenchino of Ontology for his really in depth overview of how telecoms providers use Connected Data tech. It was really interesting to see how semantic impact analysis can be conducted in a way that is both accessible and detailed for users.

Valerio gave us a great introduction to both why triplestores are used for integrating disparate data sources as well as some practical examples of the analytics that are applied to answer connected data questions.


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MeetUp – Semantics in the Financial Industry: The Financial Industry Business Ontology

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Thank you everyone for joining us at our MeetUp yesterday! Great talk from Mike Bennett introducing the theory behind ontologies and how to present them to business stakeholders in a simple and clear way. It was also interesting to hear how FIBO got established and how they bring a bit more order to the financial industry.
It is great to see the group gaining more traction, for our next MeetUp we are planning to have Navino Evans from Histropedia to do a talk/demo of the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint, so come along and bring your friends!





To find out more about ontologies, RDF and Semantics you can watch Szymon Klarman’s speech from CDL 2016:



And follow along with the slides:


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MeetUp – what connects graphs and linked data?

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Another successful MeetUp completed! We wanted to thank everyone for attending. Great talks from Nigel Higgs and Jesús Barrasa. Nigel quickly explained that this MeetUp aims to bring together Graph database and Linked data professionals to spark new ideas and conversations. Jesús presented his work on how Explicit Semantics can be used in Graph Databases using Neo4j. This talk sparked a lot of interesting ideas and questions about merging these two technologies together, what would be the opportunities and threats of this approach.






To be apart of the conversation next time join our MeetUp group. Our next event is going to be on the 4th of October! Follow us on Twitter for more news on Connected Data 

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