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Clean Open Data



Profile and clean your data before publication



Using our service will help you:


Reduce the cost of servicing your freedom of information requests.

Monitor and improve your open data.

Ensure value is delivered to all your community.

Comply with relevant best practice guidelines.

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Our 3 tier approach helps clients enhance their Data Governance & Data Management practices


Using the latest automated Data Discovery, Mining & Profiling techniques we identify the often hidden issues that matter in your data landscape.

Applying cutting edge cost & risk modelling techniques we quantify the true value of improving your organisation’s Information Efficiency.

By focusing on fundamentals we help you  undertake meaningful and practical steps with a clear Return on Investment.

All our projects feature:

Short iterations

Smaller batches & more frequent deliveries mean clients receive solutions faster.


We minimise sunk costs & misunderstood requirements through prototyping solutions.

Build-Measure-Learn cycle

We use an iterative delivery method to continuously improve results.

Actionable metrics

Intuitive, meaningful, business-friendly metrics govern everything we do.

Cross functional teams

Blending business & technical expertise leads to better results.

Latest technology

We use the latest emerging Big Data & Data Science tools.

Continuous improvement

We create flexible solutions which evolve as you do.

Focus on eliminating waste

We minimise data waste & maximise reuse of existing components.

"Data to Value really helped us understand and leverage the opportunities available from a mix of emerging and proven data techniques and technologies"

Lars Meisinger, Chief Investor Relations Officer at Aquila Capital

"Data to Value are using new approaches to Data Quality Management that I've personally not seen elsewhere and really pushing some new ways of thinking around data quality."

Dylan Jones, DataQualityPro.com

"Data to Value have really helped us leverage our supporter data to improve how the club engages with supporters and the local community."

Erik Samuelson, CEO AFC Wimbledon