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Agile BI automation breakfast briefing

Agile BI automation breakfast briefing

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We had a fantastic event with our partners Manta tools and our guest speakers Raju Sonawane and Oliver Cramer. Nigel Higgs started off the event with brief introductions and main topics of the event. Tomas Kratky – CEO of Manta Tools, explained how and why how Agile Business Intelligence is becoming a must in any tech savvy company due to the growth of data being produced, more complex data types and real-time processing requirements. Raju provided some expert insight comparing Enterprise and Business driven BI. Oliver delve into the fundamentals of Data Warehouse Automation. Lastly, Manta showcased their product’s capability to enhance speed and flexibility of BI development.

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Agile BI Development Through Automation

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How code lifecycle automation can answer the  growing demands in modern enterprise business intelligence (BI).


We and our partners – enterprise information flow specialists, Manta Tools are excited to announce our new event, Agile BI Development Through Automation.


The world of enterprise BI is growing rapidly and with the introduction of new phenomenon such as big data or cloud BI. it is more important than ever to keep BI development under control. An agile approach to BI development is generally useful, but exploiting advanced automation techniques can save significant resources, prevent production errors and shorten time to market. Could code lifecycle automation be the answer for growing demands in modern enterprise BI? Find out more at our breakfast event that is being held in central London!


The session will compare a typical BI development cycle with an automated one and highlight the advantages of this new technology. We will be joined by a special guest – Oliver Cramer from Germany. Oliver is an experienced data lineage and data warehouse automation specialist currently working in Volkswagen Business Intelligence Competency Centre. He will present a business case of data warehouse automation and ways to make them more agile.


This session will not focus on the vague high-level concepts, it will provide you an approach that is useful and applicable to specific business cases, join us if you have a passion for technology and want to bring your BI capabilities to a new level.


To find out more and register click here:   Eventbrite - Agile BI Development Through Automation


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New and improved free practical Data Governance workshop

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Data management specialists, Data to Value and Data Governance software company Semanta are happy to announce a new and improved Data Governance workshop. We have built on our previous events that received a lot of positive feedback and refined our session to provide attendees with knowledge that is interesting, adaptable and applicable in real-world data management scenarios.

People that attended our previous event said:


Very useful and interesting. Keep it simple is certainly the right approach”


“Excellent overview and insight to the challenges surrounding this topic.”


“Found the session very useful in providing another view on Data Governance. Lots of the thinking we have been discussing mirrored lots of Tom’s points which is some nice validation. The tool itself is also very interesting. I will be investigating it in more detail with a view to a specific demo.”


This session will take you through the interesting history of Data Governance – where it all began and where are we now. It will introduce you with real-world case studies that highlight best practices and common industry mistakes.

To get the most out of this workshop attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences in open room discussions. Moreover, the attendees will get the chance to work on their own Data Governance project as the session progresses. This will include a Data Governance maturity self-assessment and useful exercises of building a business glossary. The attendees will be provided with guest access to Semanta’s Data Governance platform before the event to ensure everyone is set up and ready on the day of the workshop.

To find out more about the event and register click here:       Eventbrite - Free practical Data Governance workshop

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