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Connected Data London 2016

Connected Data London 2016

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We wanted to thank everyone for joining us at the Connected Data London 2016. We had over 70 Connected Data Practitioners on the day leading to some thought provoking conversations around shared challenges and solutions. It was great to see people sharing so many practical experiences around working with the different standards, technologies and use cases.


Our speakers demonstrated how they have implemented connected data strategies in such leading companies and organisations as NASA, BBC, Financial Times and the European Bioinformatics Institute, University of Southampton and Brunel University. Topics included next generation search, recommendation engines, connected data science and knowledge management.


 We also wanted to thank CDL’s sponsors Ontotext, Neo4j, Linkurious and Semantic Web Company for helping make this event a reality.


CDL meetUP v3

The next Connected Data event is planned to be a MeetUp in London, it is scheduled for the 7th of September. If anyone has any suggestions on topics / speakers please do drop us a line – it would be great to see you there!

You can find the event slides here, check out the video gallery for full talks from the event. To follow the news about the next Connected Data London conference sign up to our newsletter

We hope to see you at the next Connected Data London conference!





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Ride London Data Visualisation 2016

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pru dashboard 2



pru dashboard



Congratulations to all Ride London participants! We enjoyed watching and supporting Prudential Ride London 2016 in the sunshine and in response to numerous requests to repeat the dashboard we produced in 2015 we are pleased to say we have created 2 dashboards for 2016:




We hope people enjoy taking a slightly different look at the results. Its probably worth mentioning a few caveats however:


  • The results obviously have nothing officially to do with Prudential Ride London and are based on a snapshot from a couple of days after the event.  Thus they may be out of date, for official up to date results please go to the official website.


  • Some cyclists were diverted.  These times are covered by the visualisation but are not separated out making like for like split times in some cases not possible.


  • Given the data available we had to recalculate pace and average kph stats.  These are slightly out of kilter from official stats we believe due to different decimal places in rounding.
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Ontotext – our new Connected Data London sponsor!

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We are happy to announce our new sponsor, Semantic technology developer – Ontotext. Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies enabling better content management, knowledge discovery and semantic search. The semantic approach enables your organization’s IT infrastructure to “know” and “remember” what your content is about. Ontotext’s Director Borislav Popov will present how powerful information discovery is made possible with big knowledge graphs. He will demonstrate it using The Panama Papers leak as a case study.

For more great talks and discussions join us at Connected Data London 12th of July, Central London. Contact us for special discounts.

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