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Data Quality Pro – Virtual Summit

Virtual Data Quality and Data Governance Summit

Data Quality Pro – Virtual Summit

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Data to Value were delighted to be asked by DataQualityPro.com to present at their inaugural Virtual Summit. This is the first fully online summit for Data Quality professionals featuring presentations from industry thought leaders on a wide range of innovative and challenging topics.


Managing Director James Phare was asked to present on Making Data Quality Metrics Meaningful to Business Sponsors and Stakeholders.  The video presentation touches on principles and techniques developed by Data to Value as part of our Lean Information Management framework such as using cost, risk and value models for data, applying proxy measures for data quality defects and traceability from the conceptual / semantic layer through to the physical content.



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Introducing the Data To Value Lean Data Process

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Here at Data To Value we have pooled together the many years of experience of our partners, consultants and affiliates and taken what works best to create an iterative and agile data development methodology. This work has evolved into the Lean Data Process and we will be building out each of the components over the coming months as we continue to apply the principles, tools and techniques to real problems that our customer’s experience.


The overall approach is represented by the Lean Data Framework which encapsulates the data development and management life-cycle. All data projects should be driven by business need and the start of the process is always the business requirement or the business problem to be addressed.

The top and bottom of the stack below are business owned domains. These are supported by the middle two domains which are specialist IT domains where the business requirements are satisfied and the business problems are solved using technology.


We also recognise that the world of data and information is changing rapidly. New technologies for data management are coming on the scene in quick-fire succession. The Lean Data Framework covers all types of data, structured, semi-structured and unstructured; be it stored in databases, files, email, website, content stores or wherever it needs to be understood, used, tagged and accessed.


Lean Data Framework


The Lean Data Process uses a Build, Measure, Learn cycle to create a continuous development environment geared to delivering rapid business benefit. A very popular engagement is our Lean Data Quality service. Another typical application is the creation of an enterprise wide information model. This and other components from the overall process will be described in more detail in future posts.


To achieve accelerated delivery we leverage partnerships with innovative software tool vendors. Each tool  support specific areas of the process. The benefit to our customers is that following a consulting engagement they will be left with real collateral and not merely powerpoint slides.



Lean Data Tool Accelerators

Each tool has specific capabilities and components that support that capability. We have demonstrations of each tool and how it fits within the Lean Data Process which will be shared in future posts. If you want to find out more about the process and the tools contact us here



Lean Data Framework Tools Stack


Semanta Encyclopaedia


Experian Pandora


Manta Tools


poolparty thesaurus server


poolparty Semantic Integrator   poolparty Power Tagging   poolparty Web Mining





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Experian Partnership

Quarterly Experian Pandora Financial Services User Group

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Data to Value successfully hosted the inaugural Financial Services user group for Experian (formerly X88) Pandora users.


This event will be organized quarterly and held in the Moorgate or Bank area. It will present a great chance for experienced and new users of the tool to exchange best practice tips, use cases, innovative uses and discuss common challenges.  The topics of discussion are really up to the attendees however potential ideas have included current industry trends and relevant regulatory requirements.


If this sounds of interest contact us for more details on the following User Group or join the LinkedIn Group.




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