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Prudential Ride London 2015 results visualisation

Tableau Data Visualisation

Prudential Ride London 2015 results visualisation

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Congratulations to all those that took part in Prudential Ride London 2015 over the weekend. Over 25 thousand competitors from 56 nations and over 1500 clubs took to the capital’s streets to show their support for a wide range of causes. The overall winner was Francesco Cipolletta with an impressive time of 3 hours, 57 minutes and 17 seconds. However Francesco’s triumph wasn’t the only impressive feat that day with many other riders across the various age and distance categories achieving impressive results.


Given we love data at Data to Value we decided to put together an interactive visualisation of the results using Tableau for those wishing to uncover the hidden stories and achievements buried in the data. To clean up and standardise data such as club names in the results we used a de-duplication algorithm to merge as best we could where we believe the same club has been recorded in different ways (e.g. CC, Cycling Club, Cycle Club etc.).


See the standalone dashboard here. Enjoy!


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Data to Value Data Modelling

Neo4j meetup on graph modelling best practices

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We had a great time attending last night’s neo4j meetup where best practices when modelling data using graph structures and databases were discussed. Graphs are a really exciting, developing area and we are very excited by the prospect of leveraging the power of graph databases on our projects going forward. If analysing relationships is your thing there are few better tools around than a graph database.


During the meetup a number of common design challenges were discussed such as multiple relationships between entities and when to use nodes, labels and relationships. The examples around different ways of modelling the same concepts for different requirements were really interesting – e.g. relationship discovery vs traversal.


We look forward to the next meetup

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