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We collaborate with leaders in all core disciplines of Information Management. This includes cutting edge software vendors, service providers and data vendors.


If you believe your product or service has synergies with our Lean Information Management approach please do contact us.

Neo4j new logo

Neo4j is the leading graph database for storing and analysing highly interconnected data at scale. Neo4j is a core component in how we help our clients implement next generation, graph-powered data strategies. Particular areas of focus for us are semantics, risk management, financial regulations such as BCBS239 and fraud, AML and KYC.


We are a recognised Neo4j solution partner able to provide full implementation, training and consultancy support


Linkurious is a leader in graph and network visualisation tools, operating over the top of leading graph databases such as Neo4j. The platform enables users to explore the connections in data using an intuitive and powerful web interface.


We use Linkurious within our Insight and Semantics practices in order to help clients rapidly leverage the latest cutting edge graph technology in their data strategies.

Manta Logo

Manta Tools is a leader in Enterprise Information Flow Management. The platform features powerful storage, performance, code checking and data lineage functionality for all leading Data Warehouse platforms. These include Microsoft, Oracle and Teradata platforms.


We use Manta principally as part of our Data Warehouse Optimisation service in order to rapidly assist clients with cost and risk reduction exercises.

Semanta logo

Semanta is an innovative and practical Data Governance solution which facilitates greater control alongside dynamic end-user capabilities to search, share and collaborate about a firm’s shared data resource.

We use it to help us consolidate knowledge about our client’s information asset when on client engagements. We also recommend that client’s consider it as a solution to their overall data governance needs.


Silwood Technology is the leading supplier of tools & services that enable enterprise architects and data modelers to explore, discover and visualize the data structures and relationships of data models for large Enterprise Application Packages such as SAP, SAP BW, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite.


We use Silwood’s Safyr product for hard to find data models from SAP, Salesforce and Oracle systems.