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Data to Value and Neo4j announce a strategic partnership

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LONDON and MALMÖ —December 16, 2015— UK-based consultancy Data to Value Ltd. (http://datatovalue.co.uk/) and graph database world leader Neo Technology (http://neo4j.com/) announced a new strategic partnership today.


Neo Technology is the creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, which easily stores and analyzes highly interconnected data. Data to Value will be leveraging Neo4j principally within the financial services sector through their next generation Lean Data consulting.


While relational databases are flexible, they are not well-equipped to store and analyse high-volume, highly connected graph or network datasets. Graph technology is now a dominant feature in many use cases such as online retail recommendation engines, fraud prevention and master data management.


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Within financial services, graph technology remains a relatively untapped resource despite many banks, asset managers, hedge funds and other organisations facing graph or network data challenges.


Traditionally, many data solutions in the business performance, investment management and risk management spaces have relied on heavily abstracting data using techniques such as the party-role pattern. As a consequence, this often hinders business users’ abilities to understand data using familiar terms and analyse the inherent connections within the data.


Graph structures are a more intuitive way of modelling highly connected data types.


A key focus of the partnership is for Data to Value to help financial services customers leverage the power of Neo4j in overcoming graph challenges including:


  • Regulations and data lineage requirements such as BCBS239
  • Risk requirements such as systemic risk, counterparty risk and market/concentration risk analysis
  • Business performance and client management requirements
  • Fraud, AML and KYC requirements
  • Data governance, strategy and metadata management requirements, such as impact analysis


“We are delighted to have partnered with Neo Technology to bring the power of graphs to our customers,” notes James Phare, Managing Director of Data to Value. “Our unique Lean approach to managing data is focused on minimising waste and applying the most appropriate tools to data problems. Neo4j’s performance, scalability and accessibility makes it unrivalled in the graph space and the perfect solution for exploring interconnected data. We spend a great deal of time helping organisations to understand the relationships buried in their data. The partnership with Neo technology will help us to further mature this proposition for our clients.”


Emil Eifrem, the CEO of Neo Technology agrees.

“Graphs are eating the world,” notes Eifrem, “and financial services can greatly benefit from tapping into the power of graph-connected data. We’re proud to partner with Data to Value as a leader within the financial services sector to help their clients tackle issues related to fraud detection, data governance and impact analysis.”


For further details or to arrange a follow-up call, please contact Data to Value Ltd. or Neo4j.