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15 anecdotes that may suggest its time to look under the bonnet at your Information Management practices

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Many organisations claim they don’t have Information Management challenges worth tackling.  More often than not however the below anecdotes are indicative of hidden costs, risks, inefficiencies and opportunities left unexploited.


If any of these phrases seem familiar perhaps its time to look under the bonnet?


“We have great people, trying to capture that knowledge in IT systems is a waste of time.”


“We have loads of data, no one ever looks at it anyway though so what’s the point in optimising it?”


“We’re too small to warrant spending time looking at better managing our data.”


“Implementing standards?  Everything works fine at the moment though doesn’t it?”


“As far as I’m aware data problems have never caused an operational incident”.


“Data?  That’s for IT to worry about with their databases, datacentres and datawarehouses.  They love that stuff.”


“If they want to record data in that system leave them to it.  It keeps them busy and content.”


“Static data is monotonous and easy to manage, just hire anyone in to plug it into the system”.


“IT don’t understand the realities of Data Management”.


“It’s about culture and responsibility.  Their complaints about the data management system being substandard and data models are nonsense.”


“We think the data quality is good enough for our needs”.


“In the time it takes to get the data together we could have made several decisions.”


“We don’t have a lot of data here.  Effective information management sounds like a nice to have.”


“Modelling and metadata – yet another reason for why IT departments are bloated”.


“Just get the data to our counterparty in whatever format.  It’s their problem to reformat it and figure out what it means”.